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Repurposed PIR Boards for Cavity Walls

Repurposed PIR Boards for Cavity Walls


Our Client in Aberdeenshire was removing glazing from an internal wall diving their lounge & dining area & replacing it with plasterboard on one side & a full height cupboard on the other. To reduce the sound transfer between the 2 rooms the client got in touch looking for repurposed rigid insulation to place between the timber studs.


KR Group were able to offer the client 50mm thick repurposed PIR insulation board, to fit between the studs; The client benefitted from the product being sold in optional smaller sizes so they could fit the material in their car to avoided any delivery charges & purchase exactly what they needed in m2 to avoid any waste being left over from the project.


The client saved 50% of costs by purchasing reclaimed insulation compared to new & generated an overall saving of 10% on material purchase costs for the project. Their purchase also diverted this waste from landfill & prevented 4000grams of Co2eq emissions.

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