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KR Group is a Steel and Cladding company, based in the outskirts of a seaside village in Aberdeenshire. Established for 20 years, KR Group now services the construction industry on a national scale.

In early 2022, KR Group founded their sustainability initiative ‘KR Bon Reduction’, a pilot scheme initially dedicated to repurposing cladding waste and diverting it from landfill.

Businesses are invited to donate their used Composite Panels/PIR Board to be repurposed at our ‘KR Bon Reduction’ facility in Newburgh, Aberdeenshire. The panels that would otherwise be discarded, are
repurposed as rigid insulation board for use between floor, wall, and roof joists. The smaller pieces or offcuts of PIR Board can be reused as insulation to retrofit fishing boat refrigeration areas.

This initiative is continually developing to prevent waste and you can now purchase repurposed safety netting, which can be used for anything from securing trailer loads to creating football nets and climbing frames.

Additional products will be available in due course. This circular economic solution to construction waste will see more than 7,700 tonnes of Co2 emissions prevented in the next five years, offering businesses a way to limit their carbon footprint.


We are committed to making ethical and sustainable decisions for our business and workplace. We strive to think economically when it comes to waste management and minimise our use of resources company wide.

Our Headquarters, nestled in amongst fields of ewes and lambs, are a short walk from Forvie Nature Reserve. The reserve covers 1,000 hectares of sand dunes and dune heath between the North Sea and the estuary of the River Ythan, home to a rich variety of coastal wildlife. At the mouth of the Ythan, a large seal haul-out competes with the sound of the Northeast winds.

Our tiny corner of the earth and its rich biodiversity has seen the effects of the climate change, more and more so each year.

It is important to us to slow these effects and to nurture and enrich our eco systems for future generations.

In March 2022, KR Group successfully became ‘Carbon Neutral’ through PAS 2060 Accreditation, achieving a balance between the carbon the business emits and the carbon it prevents. This is made possible by making fundamental changes within the business to reduce carbon emissions caused by business activity.

The remaining carbon is offset via our partnership with Highland Carbon, who manage ‘offsetting projects’ such as forest protection and reforestation, windfarms, solar arrays, hydropower, waste reduction and community schemes.

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