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Recycle your PIR Boards

Recycled Composite Cladding Panels - KR BON Reduction


Projects like this take a community…we need your help!
Benefits of donating your waste composite cladding panels to KR Bon include:

  • Preventing waste going to landfill: For every 1m² of 100mm thick panel repurposed 13.1kg is diverted from landfill
  • Negate Co2eq emissions: By reducing the need for raw material to be sourced for new PIR board, 38.2kg Co2eq is prevented for every 1m 2 of 100mm panel that is repurposed
  • Eliminate skipping costs: a 10m³ yard skip holds 7.65m³ , this is the equivalent of 19 sheets of composite panel at 4m long x 1m wide 100mm thick panels
  • Doing what you can to reduce your impact on the environment: By participating to our KR Bon Reduction project you are contributing to a pioneering project and helping to care for the environment

KR BON will recycle your Composite Cladding Panels for FREE – but first we need a little information about the panels.

Simply fill out the form as requested with a suitable date and time that you are able to drop off your old panels at our facility.

Once we receive your enquiry one of our team will get in touch ASAP to discuss further.

For collection availability please email info@krgrp.co.uk directly.

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