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PIR Boards Repurposed in Loft

PIR Boards Repurposed in Loft


Client in Aberdeen uses his garage loft area to house a solvent printer that has operational issues during the winter months due to the cold internal temperature. Client had installed bubble wrap foil insulation in between the rafters / joists but this created condensation on the back of the foil. There are heaters in the loft space, but the temperature is not maintainable due to heat loss, resulting in costly energy bills.


The garage loft area has no insulation between the floor joists and roof rafters, leaving the building envelope exposed with an inefficient thermal performance.


Install a repurposed rigid PIR insulation board, 100mm thick, between the floor joists and roof rafters. It is important that an air gap of at least 50mm is left between the roof covering and the insulation to allow air to circulate to avoid condensation.

PIR Boards Repurposed in Loft


As seen in image 1, the insulation was fitted in August 2021 between the rafters with a 50mm air gap. In late September the client reported the retrofitting has improved the building performance greatly, when the space was occupied in the evening “it was around 14 or 15 degrees and once I had the printer running and had been there a little while the temperature had gone up to 17 or 18 degrees, that’s without any heater on”.  This demonstrates the effectiveness of the repurposed PIR board in improving a buildings thermal performance.

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